Tension Load Cells from Applied Measurements

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Tension Load Cells from Applied Measurements

Date Added: 4th May 2012

Applied Measurements offers a range of tension load cells which are designed for applications involving loads of as small as 0-25 grams all the way up to 0-1500 tons, as well as non-standard load ranges for custom applications.  The range includes canister, column, low profile, S-beam, in-line lifting links and load pin style cells to suit a wide variety of purposes.

Every one of these cells are available with either digital or analogue signal conditioners, signal digitizers or amplifiers as well as indicators, displays and wireless radio telemetry systems. Additionally, all Applied Measurements tension load cells are available with calibration which meets UKAS standards and can include shackles, mounting bases, clevises, rod end bearings or custom designed installation accessories and fixtures - these options are also available for the company's range of force sensors.

Applied Measurement DBB Tension and Compression Z beam and S beam load cells are designed for force and load measurement applications involving compression or tension; for example, suspended hoppers, tensile strength testing and many other applications. DBB cells are available in load capacities of 0-50 kilograms up to 0-5000 kilograms with accuracy of greater than +/- .03% /RC.

For applications which require S beam tension load cells with a capacity of more than 5000 kilograms or smaller than 50 kilograms, Applied Measurements DBBSM load cells are available in capacities of 10 Newtons (0-1 kilograms) and up to 300 kilonewtons (0-30,000 kilograms). For applications where space is extremely limited, the company's miniature S beam load cell range, the DBBSMM series is ideal.

Sometimes, in-line load cells are needed in applications which involve measuring load or force underwater and in especially humid or flood-prone areas. For these environments, Applied Measurements manufactures the DDEN range of submersible tension load cells. These load cells are fully submersible and are available in load capacities of 0-250 Newtons up to 0-50 kilonewtons with an accuracy of +/- .25%/RC. Models of DDEN load cells with an integrated amplifier are also available.