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Penny + Giles Controls Ltd:

Penny + Giles Controls Ltd

In the more than half a century since William Penny and James Giles entered into a partnership to provide high performance precision wire wound potentiometers for the aviation industry, Penny + Giles has broken new ground in aviation, broadcasting, computer hardware and a number of other industries.

The company's initial focus was in the aircraft sector, which still remains one of Penny + Gile's main area of business to this day.  It was in fact Penny + Giles who were among the first companies to provide "Black Box" steel wire accident data recording systems for the commercial aviation industry after these devices were made mandatory for passenger flights in the UK in 1963.

While Penny + Giles no longer manufactures paperless chart recorders, motor controllers for wheelchairs, computer trackballs and many of the other products they have made over the years, the company has been a leader in these and other technologies. The product ranges currently offered by the company include a line of linear and rotary position sensor instruments, RVDT and LVDT transducers, flight data recorders and cockpit voice recorders, joystick controllers, solenoids and studio faders, among other instruments for aviation and audio recording and engineering.

Penny + Giles' emphasis has always been on providing high performance, high precision products which draw on the company's extensive experience in the engineering field, backed by a commitment to excellence in customer support. The company's innovative designs and attention to quality has allowed them to become one of the leading suppliers to the aviation and aerospace industries; as well as securing ISO9001 certification for its UK-based manufacturing facilities.

Providing its customers with only the highest quality is the company's mission and this commitment extends from the design of their products to their manufacture all the way through delivery and product support. For over fifty years, Penny + Giles has been a trusted name in aviation and other industries; just as it is today.

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Address: 15 Airfield Road, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 3TG
Country: England
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