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Stemmer Imaging Ltd:

Stemmer Imaging Ltd

Formerly known as Firstsight Vision, Stemmer Imaging is the largest provider of imaging technologies in Europe. The company designs and manufactures a range of products and solutions which provide the high performance, cost effective imaging systems which power medical imaging, security and traffic systems, industrial automation and quality assurance applications. Sophisticated modern image processing technology allows users to have fully automated, yet completely reliable and accurate monitoring solutions which provide them the edge they need to remain competitive in a fast moving world.

Stemmer's over three decades of experience in the field of imaging technology enable the company to produce custom imaging solutions which address the specific needs of their clientele as well as their widely used image processing software programming platforms Common Vision Blox which has been adopted worldwide as the standard toolkit for imaging applications.  The company believes in tailoring their imaging systems for the client rather than manufacturing turnkey imaging products; Stemmer's experience in system integration mean that the company can provide complete solutions from the planning stage to successful integration and deployment.

Stemmer Imaging is also known for their truly comprehensive customer support; their in-house imaging experts can provide assistance for every aspect of imaging applications before and during projects as well as after deployment. From feasibility studies to training, planning to traditional technical support, Stemmer Imaging's support services add significant value to their already industry leading range of products and services.

The company offers product ranges including lenses and other optics for a wide range of cameras and other imaging equipment, a wide variety of illumination solutions; color and monochrome high speed, area scan and line scan industrial cameras; thermography camera products, image acquisition systems, accessories including cables, power supplies, housings and connectors and complete imaging solutions - in short, an answer to every industrial imaging dilemma.

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Block Cameras

Image Acquisition

Industrial imaging

NIR Cameras

Smart Cameras

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Address: The Old Barn Grange Court Tongham Surrey GU10 1DW
Country: United Kingdom
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