FTL Seals Technology

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FTL Seals Technology:

FTL Seals Technology

FTL Seals Technology Limited has been in the business of supplying the the following industries with top of the line sealing solutions for over 30 years:

Petroleum and petrochemical - automotive - aviation - aerospace - hydraulics - manufacturing - mining - paper - food production - processing -  pharmaceutical - plastics - chemical - energy production industries - military and more.

Besides providing their clients with "off the rack" sealing and bearing products which meet their needs from Simrit, Carco, Merkel and Elring as well as Meridian, their own brand, FTL Seals Technology also designs custom sealing solutions to provide seals for applications where standard seals just aren't the right answer. These products include spring energised seals and a vast selection of PTFE based products including PTFE tubing and PTFE bellows to name a few.

The company's business has been increasingly centered on custom engineered solutions which address bearing and sealing needs which bring their own specific set of challenges to the table. FTL Seals Technology maintains its own warehouse, product testing facilities and offices as well as a clean assembly room at its headquarters in Leeds, enabling the company to maximize their use of the investments they have made in sealing and bearing design technologies.

FTL's emphasis on creating exactly the right seals and bearings for the job have led to their development of a design department which is among the best in the industry and has established a reputation for working alongside their clientele throughout the design and engineering process from idea to installation.

The company's own 3D CAD system, Autodesk Investor, has given FTL the ability to branch out into other areas of engineering where their thirty years of industry experience have been able to bring fresh new ideas to fruition. In a world where change often seems to be the only constant, FTL's dedication to solving the engineering dilemmas of their clientele is one thing which has remained the same, no matter how much the company itself evolves to overcome the design hurdles of today and of the future.

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Address: Bruntcliffe Avenue Leeds 27 Business Park Morley Leeds LS27 0TG
Country: England
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Company website: www.ftltech.co.uk

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