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Baldor UK Limited: Our job is making yours easier

Baldor UK Limited

Baldor’s expertise in motion control is known the world over; and thanks to the company’s 65 offices and 15 manufacturing facilities located in North America, Europe and elsewhere around the globe, their products are also available to clients everywhere around the world.

From their line of brushless servo motor products and other industrial drives and motors to complete motion control systems, motion control software to multi-axis motion controllers, linear motors and operator panels, the company is acknowledged as a leader in its field.

Baldor industrial drives and motors include a range of electrical motors (both alternating and direct current) designed for industrial applications with power ranging anywhere from .o15 kilowatts to 1100 kilowatts (1/50 horsepower to 1500 horsepower). The Super-E line of high efficiency motors are specialized to provide the company’s clients with the lowest possible operating costs through highly efficient design. Baldor’s drive and motor range also include explosion proof motors, pump motors, gear motors, brake motors and many other models which provide motion control solutions which are perfectly suited for virtually any application. Baldor also produces customized motors and drives for specific applications and environments, with some of the fastest turnaround time of any manufacturer.

The power behind Baldor’s motion control products is its proprietary Mint programming language; the software has been eagerly adopted worldwide, with more than 50,000 installations currently in use around the globe. Mint is designed from the ground up to simplify complex tasks while providing engineers and programmers with a programming environment which is almost immediately familiar and easy to work with. It’s a powerful multitasking tool for motion control programming which interfaces with many Windows applications for maximum convenience and compatibility.

The company also offers both board level controllers and comprehensive motion control systems which are configurable for mult-axis stepper and servo applications with ease. An external PLC is not required for many uses, due to onboard I/O on these systems; and these can be expanded easily as needed. Naturally, all Baldor controllers and intelligent drives can be programmed using Mint.

With all of the reliability users need and designs which are geared towards ease of use as well as accuracy and long service lives, Baldor is poised to become the biggest name in the field of motion control.

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Address: Mint Motion Centre 6 Hawkley Drive Bristol BS32 0BF
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