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maxon motor UK: driven by precision

maxon motor UK

When it comes to drive technology, maxon motor are ahead of the game. With over 40 years experience in producing high precision systems, they are the world's leading supplier in their chosen field.

The maxon motor story began in Sachseln, Switzerland in 1961 and the last four decades have seen significant changes in their manufacturing capabilities and overall focus on targeted and specific applications.

In 1963 they were producing shaving foils for the renowned BRAUN shaver company. Some four decades later they received the 'MER Recognition Award' for their significant contribution to the success of NASA. In particular, the essential implementation of DC motor products for the 'Mars Exploration Rover' mission.

The maxon motor range includes dc motor products in both brushed and brushless motor varieties. They also offer a range of motor controller devices and geared motor products for a wide variety of applications and industries.

They can boast a major prominence in various market sectors including automation within industry, medical and security technology,
communications, instrumentation and a number of consumer applications.

Maxon motor's mission and main objective is very clear; to provide innovative solutions and to fulfil the high expectations of their customers.

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DC Motors

Motor Controllers

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Article: Motor Controller Offers Outstanding Motion Control
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