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Applied Measurements Limited:

Applied Measurements Limited

While still a young company, relatively speaking, Applied Measurements has already managed to earn a reputation as one of the leading suppliers of tension load cells, torque transducers and force sensors. The quality of the company's products over the last nearly two decades have established Applied Measurements as a name which can be trusted. Every one of the company's products are manufactured from top quality materials - aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, heat treated stainless steel or nickel plated alloy steel.

The quality of their products isn't limited to their design and the materials used in their manufacture. The transducer class strain gauges used in the production of Applied Measurements' tension load cells, force sensors and other offerings are hand-bonded to the load cell under stringent clean room conditions to ensure the utmost quality. This quality is backed by a three year warranty which covers each and every product offered by the company.

Applied Measurements goes beyond providing their customers with the highest quality products and their standard warranty; the company's staff of experienced engineers apply their in-depth knowledge to assist customers in developing solutions which meet the needs of their applications. While the company's wide range of standard tension load cells and other products are suitable for most uses, Applied Measurements is also capable of providing custom designed products with what is one of the most rapid turnaround times in the industry.

The company's customer base has grown steadily since their beginnings in 1991 and includes some of the most recognizable names in the world: British Gas, Ford Motors, Kellogg, Pirelli Cables, AEA Technology, British Aerospace, Jordan Cereals, Lucas Aerospace, Nuclear Electric and the Royal Greenwich Observatory, to whom Applied Measurements is the official supplier of load cells for the observatory's Gemini Telescopes.

Applied Measurements Limited has product profiles in the following subcategories:

Linear Displacement Sensors

Load Cells

Position Sensors

Pressure Transmitters

Torque Sensors

Wireless telemetry

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Address: 3 Mercury House, Calleva Park, Aldermaston, Berkshire, RG7 8PN
Country: England
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