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ELESA has been in the business of designing and manufacturing metal and plastic products for use by mechanical engineers for more than 65 years and has established itself as the leading supplier of these components as well as setting the industry standard for builders, designers and engineers. From the handles and handwheels the company started producing in the 1940s to the state of the art industrial castor products it offers today, ELESA has been an innovator throughout its history.

Beginning in the 1960s, the company introduced the concept of product standardization, becoming the first manufacture in its field to do so. This move allowed manufacturers and end users alike to work with a single, standardized set of parameters for important components - which needless to say, permitted advances in the area of mechanical engineering.

ELESA's innovation has fueled the company's growth and expansion, with offices now established in the US and China as well as in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. ELESA's global reach enables the company to partner with top regional distributors around the world and to provide support services to its ever growing customer base in a timely fashion, something the company is committed to.

As engineers and manufacturers find their needs constantly changing and evolving to suit the demands of a fast moving world, ELESA has stepped up to meet its customer's needs by expanding its line of standardized products as well as its abilities to design and produce customized solutions. This has led to the company's new generation product ranges, which include versions of standard products made from specialized materials in order to better suit the needs of its clients.

With branch offices conveniently located within reach of its customers, ELESA is able to offer its clients the benefits of local stock of its most common standardized products along with expert technical support and on site custom machining facilities. These resources allow the company to develop and offer solutions for virtually any technical problem - which has always been one of the hallmarks of the company.

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Article: Industrial Castor Offers Smooth Running And Wear Resistance
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Address: 26 Moorlands Estate, Metheringham, Lincolnshire, LN4 3HX
Country: England
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