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James Walker & Co:

James Walker & Co

The James Walker Group is a company which has a long history of producing the highest quality rod seals and other packing and sealing products. Beginning in the nineteenth century, the James Walker Group has made it its mission to design and manufacture products which assist engineers to make their machinery and processes run more smoothly and reliably.

Starting with high pressure steam packing which enabled significant advances in the efficiency of steam engines under the Lion brand, the company has continued to innovate in the field of fluid sealing. Just as they have continued to do ever since, the first products produced by this company brought an understanding of engineering and materials science to the field of hydraulics, essentially introducing high performance fluid sealing technology to the world.

The company was among the first to begin using PTFE and other polymers in the production of rod seals, another innovation which fueled the rapid growth of the James Walker Group. Constant research and development has been the hallmark of the company and one of the main engines of the company's expansion over the many years they've been in business.

Bringing not only state of the art design expertise and new materials to the field of fluid sealing, the James Walker Group has built its success on technical support and educating its customers how to put its products to work to increase the efficiency of their machinery and processes.

The James Walker Group has been a leader in developing sealing solutions for the oil and petrochemical industries, as well as rod seals and other sealing products which lend themselves to use in difficult production and processing environments.

The company is always in search of new ways to produce even better performing sealing solutions and systems for customers worldwide and maintains more than fifty facilities around the world including production, distribution, engineering and product development as well as customer service and support facilities, enabling the James Walker Group to provide its growing customer base with the top of the line products and support they have come to expect from this company over the last 125 years.

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Address: 1 Millennium Gate, Westmere Drive, Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 6AY
Country: England
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Company website: www.jameswalker.biz

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