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Aerotech LTD: Dedicated to the Science of Motion

Aerotech LTD

For the last forty years, Aerotech has been designing and producing advanced positioning systems and motion control products including its renowned range of linear motion systems. The company's products are in use by public and private scientific research organizations and institutes, in industrial-scale manufacturing, semiconductor and electronics production and manufacturing and for equipment used in medicine, the life sciences and the aerospace and aviation sectors.

Aerotech is dedicated to constantly improving on not only its own products, but the state of the art in motion control. The company's mission has always been to provide products which offer the highest accuracy and throughput available with the lowest possible cost of ownership to give their customers the maximum return on investment. Aerotech's commitment to industry leading linear motion systems and other motion control and positioning solutions starts from the design and production process of each and every component which go into its products. The company uses its own top quality components which are optimized for the best possible performance and longest, most maintenance free service life.

The range of linear and rotary stages produced by the company includes low-cost gear driven and ball screw driven systems, high performance direct drive rotary and linear stages which outperform any others on the market as well as nanopositioning stages and the company's famed Automation 3200 platform with vision, robotics, I/O network, PLC and 32 axis motion applications as well as many others.

Aerotech also produces custom linear motion systems and other motion control products to meet the needs of its customers; the company recognizes that not every customer's needs will necessarily be met by their standard product lines. Aerotech leads the field in custom design and manufacturing capabilities. The same approach carries through to the company's customer service operations which add genuine value to their product ranges. With sales and service facilities throughout Europe and Asia, Aerotech is ready to assist its customers anywhere they may be.

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Address: Jupiter House, Calleva Park Aldermaston, Berkshire, RG7 8NN England
Country: England
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