Precision Ball Screws From Abssac

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Precision Ball Screws From Abssac

Date Added: 4th May 2012

ABSSAC is a name which is practically synonymous with precision ball screws, at least in the minds of engineers and machinists.

The company has nearly 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high precision rotational and linear motion transmission solutions, with their range of precision cold rolled ball screws being especially well known for their ability to accurately transmit linear loads.

The company's cold rolling method can produce ball screws with incredibly high accuracy and impressively low axial backlash. Abssac ball screws offer accuracies of as high as 52 microns per 300 millimeters (C7-20) with axial backlash as low as 20 microns; high performance by any set of standards - and all at a cost which is significantly lower than that of precision ball screws produced by a grinding process.

Abssac ball screws are available in virtually any diameter, lead size and length; and every part can be provided with custom machined journal ends and integrated thrust bearing and radial mounts perfect to meet the needs of any application. End threaded, cylindrical and flanged ball nuts are available, as are a wide range of pitches and leads.

Abssac offers ball screws for heavy duty industrial applications, miniature precision ball screws and many other advanced rolled ball screws, all backed with 25+ years of engineering expertise which ensures that every customer receives exactly the right part, each and every time. Custom machining is available to help customers get the lead screws they need to meet their needs; Abssac can produce customized cold rolled precision screws from dimensional drawings and specifications - or from a sample part.

With decades of experience in designing and producing the world's most sophisticated, efficient and accurate, rotational and linear motion transmission, Abssac precision ball screws offer the highest possible performance at a reasonable cost. Linear guides, radial bearings and thrust bearings are also among the company's offerings, allowing customers to receive a top quality and truly comprehensive solution to their linear mechanical design problems.