Motor Controller Offers Outstanding Motion Control

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Motor Controller Offers Outstanding Motion Control

Date Added: 4th May 2012

The already impressive maxon motor range of motor controllers has been expanded further with the EPOS2 24/2. This easy to use positioning system, shortened to EPOS, is available with several variants of positioning controller, allowing the use of various brushed DC motors with encoder or brushless EC motors with Hall sensors and encoder up to 48 Watts.

The motor controller was developed specifically to command and control in the CANopen network, and features the same high quality production as other maxon motor products.

Packed with a whole host of features, such as USB and RS232 communication interfaces, the EPOS2 24/2 is incredibly flexible thanks to a variety of operating modes. These cover position, velocity and current mode, allowing flexible use in automation technology, tool building and in mechatronic drive systems.

Other functions allow for the incremental control of the motor shaft and applying the drive as electronic gearing. Command through an analog set value voltage can replace conventional servo amplifier applications.

Outstanding control

One of the key benefits of the motor controller lies in the outstanding functionalities offered. The controls offer a dual loop position and speed controller, and in Interpolated Position Mode (PVT), the position controller can synchronously follow a path by support points with great precision.

Current, speed or position controls can be set extremely efficiently during the start-up process in an intelligent and easy-to-use solution. Furthermore, integration into the EPOS Studio graphical user interface enables rational parameterization.


Commanding can be done through CAN Master, for example EPOS2 P, SPS, Soft SPS, PLC, or using PC via USB or RS232.

The CANopen interface allows several drives to be networked and coordinated, while additionally integrated gateway functions such as USB to CAN or RS232 to CAN further simplify access to the CAN network.


The EPOS 24/2 quasi represents the synonym for what is currently possible in miniaturization in positioning controller design. The motor control system offers the top-level in power, functionality and comfort, in a small space.

Different variants are fully compatible with the previous model and can be combined with any controller of the EPOS2, EPOS, EPOS2 P and EPOS P series within a CAN network, offering the ultimate flexibility within existing set-ups.