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Sequence Recording Expertise From Stemmer

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Edited by: Terry Newman
Last Updated: 30th June 2011

Stemmer Imaging have added to their range of high-speed sequence recording cameras for both industrial and scientific applications with Optronis’ CR3000x2, CR4000x2 and CR5000x2 cameras.  Whether you need a GigE standard camera for analysing performance of materials under test, troubleshooting machines under development, observing human movement in super ‘slo-mo’ or measuring sequences for medical research, one of Optronis’ CR cameras is just what you need.  

High-Speed cameras operate outside the normal parameters of video cameras because of the variable and faster frame rate speed achieved by these streak cameras.  Their operating systems are optimised for very fast moving objects with frame speeds ranging from the minimum 500 frames per second (fps) to an extraordinary 600,000 fps (or 40,000 times normal speed on playback!) for the newest CR5000x2.   

Naturally, the maximum frame resolution of all three CR cameras is at the minimum sequence recording frame rate for each CR camera and it varies from 4 mega-pixels per image at 500 fps, down to a typical 8,000 pixels at the fastest speeds.  This enables complete detail to be analysed even in poor light.

Normal video communication standards are quite inadequate for the large frame speeds of the CR cameras and therefore, they are all configured to GigE Vision interface standard for high speed cameras or maximum inter-operability in Industry and science over GigE connections.

The CR camera range are easy to use with image data transferred to the video (ring) memory and then can be analysed directly by a connected PC or laptop before finally being stored as a file on the hard drive.  

The newly developed Timebench software package supplied by Stemmer for this camera range is used for image acquisition, camera management and fault analysis, makes it very easy for the user. Features include an ability to network with other CR Cameras, results analysis with frame referencing and notes, automatic image trigger, export video files in AVI format, distance, velocity and frequency measurement.

An example for the CR3000 showing specs and data including leading technical output details:


The frame speed range - 540 to 100,000 fps

Resolution (at 540 fps) - 1696 x 1710 pixels

Sensor size - 19.27 mm

Maximum on-board memory - 8 Gbyte