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Modular Drives Improve Flexibility

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Edited by: Terry Newman
Last Updated: 29th June 2011

Maxon Motor have been in the forefront of precision drives and cutting edge technology solutions for 50 years and can therefore offer a huge range of modular drives options. These can either be made up from standard components from their range, or manufactured as bespoke solutions to meet the customers’ special requirements.   

Maxon’s electric motors are combined with gearheads, encoders, brakes and controllers that are fully compatible and as a result, the ideal combination is realised.  In addition, compact solutions can be specially engineered within a specially engineered housing to give both a complete and intelligent range of modular drives for some unusual applications, as well as giving protection from their operating environments.

All the R&D and production of the customised modular drive systems are procured from one source, which simplifies the procurement and development processes for the customer.

Maxon have the capability for both one-off or serial production runs.

The price is optimised using standard inventory items and common standards throughout. A reliable solution with full quality and assurance standards for safety critical applications is assured.

Maxon’s electric motor range includes:

Brushed DC motors with ironless rotor, Ø6 to 75 mm & 0.3 to 250 watts

A-max Brushed DC motors with AINiCo magnets, Ø12 to 32 mm & 0.5 to 20 watts

RE-Max Brushed DC motors with Neodymium magnets, Ø13 to 29 mm & 0.75 to 22 watts

EC Brushless DC motors, Ø6 to 60 mm, 1.2 to 400 watts

EC-Max Brushless DC motors with optimised price/performance ratio, Ø16 to 40 mm & 5 to 120 watts

EC 4-pole brushless DC motors for the highest performance Ø 22 to 30 mm &  90 to 200 watts

EC-i Brushless DC motors - flat design with outer or inner rotor, Ø 6 to 90 mm & 0.03 - 90 watts

Maxon standard and special planetary and spur gearheads matched to Maxon’a motors with sizes from to Ø 6 - 81 mm, with torque range 0.002 to 120Nm, reduction gearing from 4:1 to 5752:1 and with high-tech CIM/MIM components available:

Maxon Sensor Feedback devices including encoders, DC tachos and resolvers.

Control electronics for brushed and brushless DC motors including position controllers and servo amplifiers.

Maxon Compact Drives  - Intelligent compact drives that are an all-in-one solution capable of achieving a maximum 60 watts output in a specially designed aluminium casing featuring brushless DC motor, sensor and CANopen compatible controller.