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Gearhead Is Ideal For Noise-Sensitive Environments

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Edited by: Andrew Long
Last Updated: 29th June 2011

Maxon Motor have been making DC electric motors and accessories for 50 years and their matching gearhead range incorporating the latest MIM and CIM technology produce very low-noise drive units with reduction gear ratios from 4:1 to 5752:1.    

To meet the need for particularly silent but high torque applications, Maxon Motor have developed the Koaxdrive KD 32 low-noise planetary gearhead. Even though it has a casing with only a 32 mm outside diameter, it can, nevertheless develop a torque of 6.5 Nm. It is therefore ideal for use in challenging applications where noise sensitivity is an issue.

Maxon Motor have achieved high torque transfer and the very quiet result using both worm and planetary gearing technologies.  The completely new design has enabled Maxon to substantially reduce noise by grafting on a completely new first stage onto a standard planetary straight cut gearhead. They have found from long experience, that the first stage is responsible for most of the noise generated, especially in high load situations.  The motor pinion features a worm gear that drives three tough and highly stable plastic offset planetary gear wheels. 

As a new element in Maxon Motors’ modular drive system, The Koaxdrive KD32 is suitable for mating with a number of motors in the Maxon range.   Maxon assemble these motor/gearhead combinations with an innovative coupling that axial loadings under power do not transfer between gearhead and motor. This results in low wear and high motor speeds potential up to 8,000 rpm are possible.  This new coupling also introduces further flexibility as the rotor shaft diameter is not a consideration.   

The coaxial shaft arrangement, high-efficiency torque transfer, combined with its small profile of 32mm outside diameter, gives the Koaxdrive KD32 gearhead a real advantage for compact applications.  The reduction gearing ratio range of between 11:1 to 1091:1 provides the possibility of a wide number of applications.

Maxon Motors believe that applications for the Koaxdrive KD32 low-noise planetary gearhead will be many in view of it’s outstanding efficiency, compact design and ultra-low noise profile.  These include hand tools, medical control drives and many other industrial applications.

Sample Technical Data:

Gear ratio - 11:1

Max Continuous torque - 1 Nm (max torque at output: 1.25 Nm)

Rotation Sense - same sense

Max Efficiency - 78%

No-load Backlash - 3.5%

Weight - 130 g

Max Motor Shaft diameter - 3 mm

Dimensions - 40.7mm long x Ø32mm