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Flywheel Coupling Accommodates Speeds Up To 5000 rpm

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Edited by: Andrew Long
Last Updated: 11th June 2011

Huco Dynatork are now machining and distributing the GUARDEXTM FL branded range of flywheel couplings in the UK under licence from Guardian Industries Inc in Michigan. This new agreement will be welcomed by UK and European manufacturers of garden equipment, quarry plant, lifting and materials handling systems as well as petrol and diesel pumping equipment, that use Guardian Industry flywheel couplings both as OEM and direct replacements.

Huco Dynotork, a UK-based manufacturer and supplier of couplings for over 40 years, has therefore, the right experience to work closely with UK and European equipment manufacturers to supply GUARDEXTM FL flywheel couplings to their designs and specifications. 

The GUARDEXTM FL two-part design allows fast and cost-effective assembly and features a nylon flywheel flange that is highly heat-stable and a steel hub to accept a either a splined shaft or a smooth shaft fixed with a keyway to transmit load to the flywheel.   Benefits of this flywheel coupling assembly are to accommodate speeds up to 5,000 rpm, the easy assembly, the non-lubricated specification and the compact profile.

With there being no lubrication, the assembly becomes simpler to incorporate into a machine's design and with it a reduction in maintenance requirement.  The short length of flywheel coupling assembly can normally be incorporated into the housing with only a flat pump mounting plate.  Another great feature is the crowned teeth profile that allows some angular misalignment and ±2mm axial movement to be catered for by the freely sliding nylon shaft spline.

There are eight standard sizes in the GUARDEXTM FL flywheel coupling range to cater for nominal continuous operational torques up to 1,550Nm, 3,875Nm short-term overloading and speeds up to 5,000 rpm.  Flywheel mounting plates and hubs are in ANSI (SAE) sizes -42 to -80 which makes the range compatible with virtually all commercially available hydraulic pumps.  Huco Dynotork also supply bell housings to suit any engine arrangement..

Huco Dynatork now also stocks the GUARDEXTM FLD range of flywheel couplings incorporating a V-belt drive pulley on the shaft.  The clever design features a removable sleeve to allow for the V-belt to be replaced without removing either the pump or the driven machine. 

Also included in the Guardex range supplied by Huco Dynatork, is the GUARDEXTM FH flywheel coupling with elastomeric elements.  The axial flexibility of this design makes it suitable for  applications where rapid changes in torque and speed can be accommodated without damage to the either motor, flywheel coupling or the driven machine and this makes the critical speed below the operational speed of the assembly.  There are five sizes in the GUARDEXTM FH flywheel coupling range with nominal torque to 10,000Nm.