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Pneumatic Piston Seal Offers A New Dynamic

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Edited by: Andrew Long
Last Updated: 7th April 2011

Piston seals come in many shapes and materials and these have, it seems, become more and more complicated in recent years with multi-part composite designs, fillers, inserts, braces and tags to achieve high efficiency and longevity in service. It is always an event, therefore, to find a product that is at once innovative in concept, and simple in design.

At the 2011 Hannover Trade Fair, Freudenberg Simrit launched their all-new Simrit ‘T' Ring piston seal range for pneumatic use. World patents have been applied for and FTL Technology, who have been associated with Simrit for 35 years, are very much looking for the Simrit ‘T' Ring piston seal to become part of their product range.

How it works is brilliantly simple. The ‘T' ring one-piece seal sits in a symmetrically shaped groove in the piston (see Illustration). The dynamic sealing force is provided by the large radiussed surface (Ref: 1) seating on the cylinder wall. 

The compression of this seal surface is all it takes to eliminate ‘blow by'.  The static pressure sealing is achieved  by geometric interference fit in the groove alone. The static pressure on one side (ref:2) compresses the one side of the NBR elastomer ring along the piston which at once presses it against the low pressure side of the groove and elongates the seal at both radial ends. 

Tony Snowdon, Engineering Director of FTL and seal design experts, says: "Simrit designers have developed a way of decoupling the dynamic and static sealing functions in its new T-ring, and they have succeeded in significantly increasing the performance of pneumatic drives with this radical departure." 

This new Simrit ‘T' Ring Piston Seal with its innovative design and no ‘blow by,' will set new standards for minimising friction, setting in-service records and low wear.