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The already impressive maxon motor range of ...more

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What is engineeringface?

What is Engineeringface

engineering face is a place where buyers can view and select products from global manufacturers and suppliers.

We have made it all available in one place - no fuss, no clutter and always a visually appealing experience for buyers and suppliers.

Our aim is to provide a very high quality 'shop wondow' for suppliers and to give buyers a simple platform where they can view products of interest and get in touch with suppliers directly.

Each page on engineeringface is fully targeted and optimised. We want to give buyers a place where they can download product information, view video content and save products and events to their favourites list so they can contact suppliers when THEY want to do so.

Suppliers ask us to add profile pages for them and we make them come alive. If you are a supplier and would like to know how you can use engineeringface to get extra visibility, clicks and sales leads, then please click here

Buyers are welcome to browse this website and to contact suppliers whenever they wish. If buyers would like quicker access with more interactive options, then registering will enable additional tools and levels of functionality.