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Engineeringface Main Help

General Introduction


How does the b2b network service work for buyers?  

The b2b networking system is very simple and is designed for registered buyers. It allows them to save products and events to their favourites list. This is how it works.

If you land on a product profile page and you have registered, you can save this product and supplier to your list of favourites. If you go to the events list and save an event to your list you can also see a list of suppliers who are going to attend that event. You can then sign in and see your favourites at any time in your own admin suite area.

How does the sales lead service work? 

When you land on a relevant page you'll see a link which says 'ask supplier' or 'download pdf' on the right hand side. If you click on this you'll be taken to a form where you can ask the supplier a question or view a pdf document. You just have to fill out a few mandatory fields and your details are sent to the supplier immediately.


Do suppliers have to register? 

Well, we set up everything for suppliers ourselves so NO. We take the hard work away from suppliers and ask them which key products they want to promote on engineeringface. We then research those products and come up with highly searched keywords for each one.

Why Buyers Should Register on engineeringface 

When buyers (end users) register they can access the b2b network functionality which allows them to add product and events favourites to their list and then contact suppliers whenever they wish.

Supplier Packages

Why we add unique content profile pages for suppliers 

We don't want to duplicate what you already have on your own site, or  anywhere else on the web. Therefore, once we have researched the right keywords, we'll come up with unique selling angles for your products and totally rewrite your profiles. This gives visitors something new, engages them in our b2b networking and provides them with a number of other choices when they land on these pages. The unique content is also welcomed by the search engines as they do not like scrape sites - these are websites which just copy material from other sites.

Do you add images to our profiles as part of the deal? 

Absolutely. The image is very important as it reinforces the product and creates a more visually appealing page for the visitor. The images are saved as web ready images at 210 pixel wide. 

Do you add PDF files? 

Yes, we can add PDF files for you. This is not compulsory by any means but the advantage is that if someone does download information about your products we do capture their name and contact details for you.

How many videos do we get and what if we don't have one? 

If you already have a general overview video you can add this to as many pages as you wish for no extra charge. If you don't have a video yourself, we can produce a simple image video with voice over at no extra cost and add it to your pages. 

Are the web links on the profile pages to our home page by default? 

No. We are unlike other websites out there. We link to the specific landing page on your website for that particular product. This means that if people click through they'll see the most relevant page - we feel that this is more important.

What is the Management suite area? 

Think of it as a central admin unit for you. You can change your details and also view stats for your own profile pages - this shows visits, clicks, downloads and other information.

What is the b2b networking service for suppliers 

Well, this is a service where potential buyers can save your products to their favourites list and then get in contact with you at their leisure. They can also view events you are attending and build a list of attendees before the event date. They can then contact you at any time.

What are the charges for suppliers? 

The cost per year is £1800 and this includes:

- 4 optimised product pages to start
- Company profile page
- Links to your website for specific products
- PDF files 
- Videos 
- Ask supplier link
- Additional 12 pages per year
- 1 external micro site blog 
- Ongoing optimisation

The external website is designed to give you even more visibility. This site is created around a main product key phrase and is fully optimised and used to post blog comments, rewritten news items (rewritten by us not you) and also anything else useful to this niche community of visitors.

The whole package will give you tremendous visibility and also get you clicks and sales leads. All in all it is very targeted!

what does engineeringface need from suppliers? 

OK, we need you to give us details on 4 main products. This will include a link to your web pages and pdf documents as well as nice high res images and any videos. We then look at your products and pick out the very best keywords/phrases for each one.

You can then have up to 12 additional pages per year and these can be product profiles, press releases/news items or application notes/papers. We'll rewrite all of them in a format that includes all of the key information and in a style that your potential customers will like. We can then put it all together on targeted pages for you and get you clicks, visibility and enquiries.

Buyer Functions

What is the Admin suite area for buyers? 

When you land on a product page you can save it to your favourites list by clicking on the 'make a star' icon. You can also add events to your list when you visit the events pages. The admin suite is there to show you which products and events you have saved and allows you to contact those suppliers at any time.

What is the general level of functionality for buyers 

We keep this very simple. Buyers can view profile pages across the site and if they want to save products and events to their favourites list then they must register. If they want to download a pdf file or contact the supplier then they must supply us with details of who they are. Suppliers can then get in touch to follow up on the enquiry. Buyers can also view videos and click through to a supplier's website at any time by clicking on the 'supplier website' icon. The community on EF will grow and grow but it will only include levels of functionlaity that are useful to buyers and end users of engineering related products.