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Engineeringface FAQ


Could you please sum up the Engineeringface service in no more than 100 words. 

EF is a targeted SEO service which puts the face of related products in front of the face of potential buyers and/or end users.

We provide a simple search, view and contact platform for engineering related products from global suppliers. We include very specific links and product downloads as well as detailed (but simple) video content - basically all the information people want to see quickly, easily and in one place.

We are here to provide a targeted 'shop window' for suppliers as well as a platform and b2b community for buyers. This about sums it up.

When do buyers need to register? 

Buyers do not have to register at any time. However, if they do so they can store supplier's products and events in our system and they can then contact suppliers at any time via their admin suite.

How does the B2B networking facility work? 

If a buyer registers they can save their favourite products and events to their management suite area. They can do this whenever they land on a product profile page or the events list page. They can then choose to get in touch with suppliers at any time.

Can Suppliers get in touch with buyers directly? 

Only if a buyer registers and downloads a pdf from you or asks you a question via this website. We don't invade the privacy of our users and we really don't want to make it a '1 way free for all' system.

Is there a charge for Buyers to use the service? 

No, we don't charge buyers anything to use any of our services on EF.

Is there a charge for this service? 

Yes. If suppliers would like us to add the 4 profile pages, company intro, external website and everything that goes with this, then we charge £1800 per year for it. They also get up to 12 additional pages per year with full optimisation into the bargain so content on the site will always grow!

How much does this cost? 

£1800 per year gets you everything.

What do suppliers get when they sign up for this annual service? 

OK, they get 4 main profile pages to start off with and these all come with a live web link to that product landing page on their website. They also get a pdf file attachment, a video (on 2 out of 4 pages) a 'ask supplier' contact form link, a main company profile page with logo, an external website with news stories and blog + up to 12 additional pages on the engineeringface site as well throughout the year.

These extra pages can be news items, press releases, application papers or more product profiles taken from information on their own website.

What do suppliers need to send you if they want to use the service? 

They need to send us information about 4 different products to start. We can then research these products for competitiveness and search volumes in the search engines. We then work with suppliers to build the best content profile pages.

Suppliers will also send us images, PDF files and a logo for their main company intro. All information on engineeringface is rewritten and optimised for the search engines and for visitors. This means we spend a lot of time pushing the main selling points and attributes.

However, the ongoing workload from suppliers is very low indeed. All they have to do is send us any press releases, mews items, applications or ideas of which products to cover throughout the year and we'll do this automatically. 

How can suppliers generate sales leads on EF? 

If a visitor wants to ask you a question or download a pdf file then they must give us their contact details. These details are then sent to the supplier to follow up.

Is it possible to advertise on this site? 

No, this website is advertising free. We want visitors to have no distractions when viewing information on this site.

Do you have a newsletter? 

No, we don't have a newsletter at the moment.

What happens when I click on the 'Make A Star' link? 

If you click on this link you can register and save this product to your favourites list. You can then store details for many suppliers and contact them at any time.

What happens when I click on the 'Add Event' icon? 

If you click on this icon you can save this event to your favourites list. You must register before you can store details and this will enable you to see all engineeringface suppliers who are attending the events you have saved.