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Welcome to the Sensors category.

Please find a list of relevant sub-categories below. Just click on a blue link to go straight to that product profile page. From there you can ask the supplier a question, and/or view a video or PDF file for that product where applicable. You can also go directly to the suppliers landing page on their website.

Subcategories and Product Profiles

Dew Point Meters

Portable Dew Point Meter From Michell Instruments

Eddy current sensors

Eddy Current Sensors For Industrial Environments

Humidity sensors

Humidity Transmitters From Michell

Laser displacement sensors

Laser Displacement Sensor Products From Micro-Epsilon

Linear Displacement Sensors

Applied Measurement’s Low Cost, Long Life, Versatile Displacement Transducers

Linear Displacement Transducer Designed For High Accuracy

General Purpose LVDTs From Applied Measurements

Industrial LVDT Sensors

Load Cells

Pancake Load Cell for Rapid Dynamic Measurement

Strain Gauge Converter With Simple USB Connection

Load cells improve aerodynamics in Scale Wind Tunnel

Compression Load Cell for Accurate and Reliable Measurement

Applied Measurements Help Take the Load for Subsea Sensing

S-Beam Load Cell Is Ideal For Small Scale Applications

Dome-top Column Load Cells from APPLIED MEASUREMENTS LTD

Tension Load Cells from Applied Measurements

Low Profile Load Cell For Maintenance-Free Life

The SGA Strain Gauge Amplifier from Applied Measurements – as Good as its Cover

Position Sensors

Rotary Position Sensor Products From Penny + Giles

Position Sensors For Demanding Applications

Pressure Transmitters

Differential Pressure Measurement From Huba

Miniature Linear Variable Differential Transformers

Tilt Sensors

Tilt sensors From ETL Inertial Aerosystems

Torque Sensors

Torque Sensors Offer Simple Installation

Torque measurement Device With Specially Designed Couplings

Rotary Torque Sensor For Harsh Environments

Wireless telemetry

Wireless Telemetry Systems For Load Cells, Gauges And Transducers


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