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The already impressive maxon motor range of ...more

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Welcome to the Sealing Products category.

Please find a list of relevant sub-categories below. Just click on a blue link to go straight to that product profile page. From there you can ask the supplier a question, and/or view a video or PDF file for that product where applicable. You can also go directly to the suppliers landing page on their website.

Subcategories and Product Profiles

Mechanical Face Seals

Mechanical Face Seals Provide Excellent Durability

Mechanical Seals

Dynamic Seal Technology From FTL

Piston Seals

Piston Seal Range In Virtually Any Size

PTFE Seals

PTFE Bellows Offer Low Tooling Costs

PTFE U Ring Seals Suit Diverse Applications

PTFE Tubing Range from FTL Seals

Reciprocating Seals

Reciprocating Seals

Rod Seals

Rod Seals From James Walker Offer Reliability And Long Life

Rod Seal For Light To Medium Hydraulic Applications

Spring energised seals

Spring Energised Seals From FTL

Wiper Seals

Wiper Seal For Many Applications


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